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ANSI Warning Signs

CBHA01 Biohazard

CBHA02 No Food or Drink to be Stored

CBHA03 Authorized Personnel Only

CBHA04 No Food or Drink in Freezer

CBHA05 Infectious Waste







CBH01 Corrosive Protective Clothing

CBH02 Lead, Poison, No Smoking

CBH03 Poison See MSDS

CBH04 Goggles, Shield, Gloves

CBH05 Wear Gloves Caustic Solutions






CBH06 Goggles, Gloves, Chemicals

CBH07 Goggles, Face Shield, Gloves

CBH08 Poison Check MSDS

CBH09 Carbon Dioxide Gas Injury Death

CBH10 Carbon Dioxide Gas Suffocation







EVS001 Do Not Touch

EVS002 Do Not Touch Dual Lang

EVS003 Do Not Touch Dual Lang

EVS004 Finger Hand Hazard

EVS005 Finger Hand Hazard Dual Lang







EVS006 Finger Hand Hazard Dual Lang










MHF001 Chock Before using Fork truck

MHF002 Watch out For Fork truck's








FFE001 Halon 1301 Being Released

FFE002 Evacuate Area Alarm Sounds

FFE003 Fire Door No Parking

FFE004 Not For Electrical Fires

FFE005 Do Not Enter Halon 1301








FFE006 Carbon Dioxide Injury Death

FFE007 Carbon Dioxide Injury Death

FFE008 Carbon Dioxide Ventilate

FFE009 Carbon Dioxide Do Not Enter

FFE010 Carbon Dioxide Discharge






MPS001 Do Not Operate Until Instructed

MPS002 Machine Repair Do Not Operate

MPS003 Arc Flash Disconnect Power

MPS004 Authorized Personnel Only

MPS005 Compressor Starts Automatically







MPS006 No Unauthorized Access

MPS007 Never Remove Panel -Engaged

MPS008 Finger Hand Hazard









MPS001 Do Not Operate Without Instruction

MPS002 Do Not Operate Without Guard

MPS003 Do Not Operate Without Guard

MPS004 Watch Fingers & Hands

MPS005 Watch For Moving Equipment







MPS006 Keep Guards in Place

MPS007 Machine Under Repair

MPS008 Moving Belts Use Guards

MPS009 Compressor Starts Automatically

MPS010 Never Remove Panel - Engaged







MPS011 Pinch Point - Keep Back

MPS012 Watch Hand & Fingers

MPS013 Wear Goggles & Face Shield

MPS014 Never Place Objects on Panel

MPS015 Finger & Hand Hazard






NS001 Battery Charging Area

NS002 Do Not Smoke in Area

NS003 Flammable Liquids

NS004 No Smoking Beyond This Point

NS005 No Smoking







NS006 Lead Area, No Smoking, Eat, Drink

NS007 No Smoking, Eating or Drinking

NS008 No Smoking Oxygen in Use









NTS001 Please Use Main Door

NTS002 Authorized Personnel Only

NTS003 Halon 1301 Being Released

NTS004 Explosive Authorized Persons Only

NTS005 Hazardous Area






NTS006 No Trespassing

NTS007 No Dumping Tenant Use Only

NTS008 Use Assigned Pathway

NTS009 Authorized Persons Only

NTS010 Mechanical Room No Access






NTS011 Fire Door No Parking

NTS012 No Access to Lab

NS001 Battery Charging Area


Due to the large selection of signs we carry call us and order our CD Catalogue free of charge. If you require a particular regulatory sign or special order we would be happy to produce It for you.


All ANSI Warning Signs are available in the following: -


• Pre-Printed on to Di-Bond Backing SLIB boards

• Vinyl

• Vinyl Mounted on Plastic or Foamex.

• Aluminum.


Sizes available in: -


228mm x 228mm = 10” x 7”

180mm x 180mm  = 14” x 10”’

140mm x 140mm =  20” x 14”

380mm x 380mm =  28” x 20”


ANSI Warning signs can be used as part of the Risk Safety Systems Safety location and information board systems (SLIB).


The SLIB system is designed to eradicate sign blindness by providing a structured system for displaying pictorial sign categories at each location.


Di-bond backing boards are used and can be provided with:-

3 x 6 x 8 x 12 and 24 square displays.  Di-bond is durable and hardwearing suitable for marine environments and guaranteed for seven years from UV derogation and fading.


All Pictograms are UV protected and can be supplied in photoluminescent hi-glo material if required.


From a single sign to a complete signage package, Risk Safety Systems can visit your facility and carry out a comprehensive survey, alternatively we can carry out a desk top survey.


Risk Safety Systems will ensure you remain compliant at all times.





For more information, please call and one of our representatives,

we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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