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RSSDM08 - Onshore Land Based Rig - Derrickman Escape Chute System

Slide Chute Onshore/Land Based Derrickman Escape Chute:

Supplied with a purpose built vertical support frame the chute system and frame comprises of the following:-

Box section epoxy painted frame designed to accommodate the slide chute.  Inclined heat resistant Slide Chute designed to support a dead weight of 2000Ib and heat resistant to 650 degrees and melting point of 800 degrees.  Chute length varies dependent on application and distance to ground level.  The chute is totally enclosed an provides protection from radiated heat flux.

Light weight chute container that can be attached to existing hand rails or modified to suite each application.  RSS will design a container to suite your particular needs.  The vertical container has a removable back door for rapid access, a hinged door can be supplied as an option.  In all cases the chute should be attached securely to ensure safe operation.  The chute is fully weather resistant and designed to be left in a permanent deployed position.

an emergency event .  


The chute is designed to be either pegged out with two 8ft box section uprights supports or attached to a heavy weight or vehicle tow hitch.  The slide chute is fully extended and attached using the four Kevlar 14500Ib ropes that are sewn into each corner an run the full length of the chute from the container to the posts or preferred ground anchor location.  Land Rigs move frequently and therefore the RSSDM08 is designed to recovered and stored in it’s vertical container when not in use.  Due to the differing types of monkey/stabbing boards Risk Safety System will design the container to match your specific requirements.

The chute is measured so that when it is in its deployed position it has sufficient sag in the centre to reduce the descent speed of the evacuees.

A landing pad is attached to the end of the chute and acts a cushion when exiting.  

Technical, Testing and Individual Component

Certification, Training and Manuals:

In all cases full testing is carried out ensuring that the escape chute system performs correctly,.  All components will be supplied with certification, covering: Escape Chute, frame and chute.   

Full operational and maintenance manuals are supplied in electronic and paper format full onsite training is provided after installation.  

Annual Servicing & Re-certification of the Slide Chute:

Two year inspection and re-certification of the RSSDM-08 is required; this can be carried out by Risk Safety Systems or a designated service agent. The RSSDM-10 escape chute system has been designed to be low maintenance providing reliability and ease of use.  Annual inspections are carried out and include the escape chute and chute container.   

The two year inspection includes testing and re-certification of the escape chute with all mechanical and structural components inspected and serviced as required.  The RSSDM-08 is designed to be low maintenance and only requires greasing of key components.  On the 5th year a complete inspection is carried out and the escape chute removed, unpacked, with a full inspection carried out.   

RSS can also provide onsite support for installation and fitting if the customer decides to carry out the installation.  If required RSS can also provide a survey prior to manufacture and installation to ensure that the proposed design is structurally suitable for proposed application.

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The RSSDM10 Vertical Escape Three Layered Escape Chute can also be used for Onshore Land Based Rig operations and unlike the RSSDM08 Inclined   system requires very little space for installation and deployment.  The benefit of using the RSSDM10 is that it provides a rapid vertical and safe evacuation to ground level rather than the RSSDM08 that requires the evacuee to manoeuvre through the chute at a slower and over a greater length to ground level.  

Both systems offer maximum heat flux protection and enhanced enclosed protection against radiated heat flux.