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RSSDM10 - Offshore Vertical - Derrickman Rapid Escape Chute System System

Material Specifications:

Outer Chute:

The electro-fibreglass outer layer provides heat flux resistance of 650 degrees and a melting point of 800 degrees. Temperature limits for continuous use 650 degrees Celsius.  This material provides a shield from flame and provides protection to the two underlying chutes.

Middle Chute:

The braking layer Modacryl and Elastomer (lycra) at sofetning point of 465 degree Celsius. This elastic material, covering inner chute that enables the user to control his/her speed of descent. The important properties of these materials are its modulus of elasticity (260%) and its withstanding temperatures of 465 degrees Celsius.

Inner Chute:

The friction layer Interlayer Para Aramid, warp and vet Viyl Chloride fibres. Strength ISO 5081 (N) 3482 stripes 50mm and its tensile strength ISO (N) 10mm stripes support the chute. No softening point, decomposing temperature at about 500 degree Celsius. Evacuees slide down the chute through this inner layer, which bears the tensile stress, and has extremely low friction to minimize friction burns or chafing.

Supplied with a purpose built support frame the chute system and frame comprises of the following:-

Box section epoxy painted frame designed to accommodate the drop in chute container, Set of Safety Handrails and Access Gate – Optional

Three Layered Vertical Escape Chute designed to support a dead weight of 4000Ib and heat resistant to 650 degrees and melting point of 800 degrees.  

Chute length varies dependent on application, however in all cases a 1 x meter air gap is required for evacuees to exit at deck level.

Light weight chute container with lower trap door and hinged lid, hydraulic dampened arms, based on 115ft of escape chute. The chute container would need to be 46” in height excluding the lid and the depth & width is approximately 35” x 35”.  In all cases design criteria is agreed with the customer and drawings issued for approval prior to manufacturing.

The system can be supplied with purpose built safety handrails and access gate, deployment mechanism and chute container.

Technical, Testing and Individual Component

Certification, Training and Manuals:

In all cases full testing is carried out ensuring that the escape chute system performs correctly with all components supplied with certification, covering:

Escape Chute, frame Assembly and Mechanical Deployment device.   

Full operational and maintenance manuals are supplied in electronic and paper format.  Full onsite training can be provided. Risk Safety Systems can also provide Train the Trainer courses whereby key personnel are trained to become certified trainers.  Train the Trainer courses can be carried out at the customer’s facility or at a certified RSS training facility. Each candidate is certified for a period of 2 years with certificates issued.  The trainers then provide on-site training to all personnel as required.

Annual Servicing of the ECS:

Annual inspection of the RSSDM-10 is required; this can be carried out by Risk Safety Systems or a designated service agent. The RSSDM-10 escape chute system has been designed to be low maintenance providing reliability and ease of use.  Annual inspections are carried out and include the escape chute and chute container.  The annual inspection includes testing and re-certification of the escape chute with all mechanical and structural components inspected and serviced as required.

The RSSDM-10 is designed to be low maintenance and only requires greasing of key components.  On the 5th year a complete inspection is carried out and the escape chute removed, unpacked, with a full inspection carried out.   

RSS can also provide onsite support for installation and fitting if the customer decides to carry out the installation.  If required RSS can also provide a survey prior to manufacture and installation to ensure that the proposed design is structurally suitable for proposed application.

RSSDM10 - Chute Container

Example of modification made to monkey/stabbing board

shown in grey

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Vertical Offshore Derrickman Escape Chute:

The RSSDM10 Derrickman Escape Chute is designed to provide a rapid and safe vertical method of evacuation in an emergency event from the monkey/stabbing board.  Land based rigs in most cases require that an inclined escape chute system be used to enable the evacuee to move away from the hazard.  This is not always possible for offshore installations due to minimal deck space.  The RSSDM10 offers a vertical fully enclosed three layered escape chute with the outer layer heat resistant using heavy duty electro-fiberglass.  The electro-fiberglass offers superior heat flux protection even when compared to fabrics such as Nomex, Kevlar or Nomex/Kevlar.   Open the lid and be at ground level within 60 seconds dependent on height.

The chute main body material is grey in color and constructed of three layers. 3-way protection protects the evacuees once inside the chute from flame, radiated heat flux and smoke during evacuation.  The chute design uses the grip method whereby the middle layer is restricted using stainless steel springs that are sewn into the material at 8” intervals.  Lower yourself into the chute and the descent speed is controlled by moving arms & legs outward against the wall of the chute providing a break effect.  Even with arms and legs straight the speed of descent will never increase to a level that is not safe.  This type of chute system is used extensively for Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Hi-Rise Buildings.