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National Fire Protection Reports and Statistics - February 2005/6

Carbon monoxide incidents jump 18%.

U.S. fire departments responded to an average of seven calls per hour for non-fire carbon monoxide incidents in 2005.

Learn to protect your family, and how an NFPA technical committee is expanding NFPA 720 to make all occupancies safer.  



RSS and Survitec Group


In 2013 Risk Safety Systems further developed our extensive distributor and service agents throughout Asia, Europe and Middle East.  Risk Safety Systems are in partnership with the SURVITEC Group and now able to offer an extensive range of offshore marine evacuation systems throughout the shipyards, engineering companies and direct end users worldwide.   Risk Safety Systems will continue to use the full range of Survitec-Zodiac, RFD, DSB Life Rafts for all our MES systems.


RSS now have full access to the full network of Survitec Group service stations, sales departments and distributors.  RSS will be actively targeting the shipyards in Korea, China, Singapore and Brazil to fully realize the potential for MES solutions and supported by the full range of Survitec Products.






NEW MAS-67 Mass Evacuation System

Risk Safety Systems have unveiled our latest MES called the MAS-67.  The MAS-67 offers the very latest in escape chute technology and we continue to develop our full range of offshore evacuation systems.  The MAS-67 uses our Kevlar Micro netted zig-zag escape chute for variable height applications.  As an added benefit RSS now offer an additional outer sleeve that we fit outside the main Kevlar chute, this sleeve is fully enclosed and provides a true 650 degree heat flux protection and 800 degree melting point.  The outer sleeve is fitted to either just above the air-gap or maximum ballast level dependent on the type of installation.


The MAS-67 is totally different to any other MES marine evacuation system that is currently available as we do not require the use of external life rafts.  

The MAS-67 utilizes one 50/100/150 person SOLAS (A) pack life-raft that deploys directly below the chute column, evacuees descend the chute and directly board the main raft without the need for any other external rafts.  After evacuation is complete four pins are removed from the main raft rotating boarding pad and the raft floats free awaiting recovery.  The system uses a gravity controlled winch for deployment and pneumatic/hydraulic pump/motor for recovery, heat tracing can be supplied with the MAS-67 and it is suitable for operation in the harshest environments.


Risk Safety Systems are commitment to safety and product development the MAS-67 will undertake sea trials by the end of September 2013 and will be issued with Lloyds Register type approval.  All RSS marine evacuation systems comply with IMO/LSA 2010.  The MAS-67 is patent pending and will be the next generation in marine evacuation systems offering full heat flux protection using the RSS dual chute design and simplicity and safety of use by direct boarding to one raft without the need of cross boarding.  


Please click the video icon to view the full animation of the MAS-67



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Risk Safety Systems

Have completed the build and supply of 10 x IECS66 systems for ENSCO 8500 Semi-Submersibles with each vessel having two IECS-66 MES systems per vessel.


Rig 8500 - 8501- 8502- 8503- 8504  


RSS are currently building two systems for 8505 and a further two are due for build for the 8506 in late December 2013

Risk Safety Systems

Are and the SURVITEC Group  have developed a one stop shop for customers requiring full offshore safety  packages including:-


MES Evacuation Systems, Life Rafts, Life Boats, Fast Rescue Crafts, LSA Life Saving Equipment  these products will be supplied under a single package and fully utilize the full range and depth of the Survitec Group’s extensive product and market exposure.